Featured Image For When to Update Your Estate Plan

An estate plan is not like an alarm clock, where you can “set it and forget it.” Life changes, and when it does, you also need to amend your estate plan to match it. An experienced attorney can help you go over your estate plan and make changes as necessary. The documents that you sign […]

Featured Image For Sharing Custody During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is when families gather together to celebrate. When parents are divorced or not married, each one will want to spend time with the children. The divorce agreement will need to clearly specify how holidays are handled in order to avoid disagreements. Ideally, the parents should find a way that the child can […]

Featured Image For Steps in a Divorce Case

The one message that we can always give about a divorce case is that it takes time. Theoretically, the waiting period for a divorce is 20 days from the time that you filed the petition. In reality, the divorce process can take far longer, as there are many things that must happen before the court […]

Featured Image For Valuing a Business

There may be times when you need to place a valuation on your business or another one. For your own business, you may be selling a stake in the company or buying out a shareholder. You may need to know how much the company is worth for tax or family law reasons. You may also […]

Featured Image For When Can You File a Wrongful Death Claim?

When your family has lost a loved one to someone else’s actions, you may be entitled to financial compensation. A wrongful death claim is one that your family can file to recover for your own personal injuries that you suffer when your loved one has died. If someone else was to blame for their untimely […]

Featured Image For Differences Between Wills and Trusts

Many attorneys advocate that clients establish trust whenever possible, as opposed to wills. You should definitely have some formal written instrument that gives instructions for the disposition of your property. What type of instrument you choose depends on your circumstances. Trusts are created when you are alive, and there are numerous types of trust arrangements. […]

Featured Image For Defending Against a Foreclosure

When a bank comes to try to take your home away in a foreclosure action, you are understandably distraught and under a lot of pressure. A bank does not have an unlimited right to foreclose upon your home. They must follow applicable laws and procedures. If they do not, you may have the ability to […]

Featured Image For What is a Contested Divorce?

The hope is that two soon-to-be former spouses can agree on all terms of the divorce before it is final. Most divorcing spouses will sign a marital settlement agreement that decides both custody and property distribution matters.  Even though compromise is the best thing, it is not always possible. In some cases, one spouse may […]

Featured Image For Back to School Traffic Accidents

In the last part of the summer, St John’s County roadways may have sparse traffic as families go away on vacation. That all changes when families return for the children to start school. There are more cars on the road and more dangers facing drivers. Motorists must slow down because they are sharing the road […]

Featured Image For Choosing the Right Executor for Your Estate

Not everyone has the right skill set to be an executor of an estate. The executor is called upon to perform important functions in managing and selling estate property. First and foremost, the executor must be a responsible person. They should have a certain amount of financial savvy because they are handling money and property. […]

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