Featured Image For How Do You Begin a Divorce Case?

In Florida, you do not need to have been separated for any amount of time to file for divorce. All that is required is for one spouse to have been a Florida resident for at least six months. The actual divorce begins with the preparation and filing of the petition for the dissolution of the […]

Featured Image For Rear-End Collisions Can be Serious

Just because rear-end car accidents do not have a fatality rate as high as other types of accidents does not mean that they are not dangerous. Rear-end car accidents could cause debilitating injuries that may never fully heal. The reason why rear-end accidents are serious is due to the force that is unleashed in the […]

Featured Image For Concerns Regarding Franchise Agreements

Both parties begin a franchise agreement with the highest of hopes. The franchisor wants to make money off their business idea. The franchisee believes that they can profit from the work that the franchisor has done and will do in the future. The key is the actual franchise agreement and whether each party lives up […]

Featured Image For Who Begins a Probate Case?

The probate process can be time-consuming and difficult. It makes sense to begin as soon as possible to bring the process to a quicker conclusion. Hopefully, the deceased person followed legal advice and left a will. That document will name someone as a personal representative. This person has been chosen to administer the estate. One […]

Featured Image For Common Injuries from Slip and Fall Accidents

Insurance companies treat slip and fall injuries as if they are common and minor accidents. They try to take advantage of this perception to cut the amount that they need to pay you. The reality is that you can suffer serious injuries in a fall. Perhaps the most common slip and fall injuries are broken […]

Featured Image For Business Compliance Issues for 2023

When you own a business, you must follow a myriad of federal and state laws. Compliance is an area where you need to invest considerable resources since it is an ongoing area. Laws and regulations can change from year to year. One of the major areas of focus in 2023 relates to labor practices. The […]

Featured Image For Divorcing After the Holidays? Contact an Attorney Now

Your marriage is over, and the holidays are rapidly approaching. With a few weeks left in 2022, you wonder if you should announce your plans or keep them to yourself. While the choice is yours when you announce, you can begin the divorce process before the year’s end by speaking with a St. Augustine divorce […]

Featured Image For Parking Lot Accidents Can Cause Surprisingly Serious Accidents

When most people think of accidents, they do not believe they will happen in a parking lot; if they do, it is nothing serious. That is an incorrect assessment, and parking lot accidents can result in severe injuries and losses. Cars must be driving at low speeds because there are many pedestrians and general chaos […]

Featured Image For Common Partnership Disputes

You have taken all the steps necessary to open and operate your business and believe you have found the right business partner to accomplish your goals. Unfortunately, disputes between partners can arise, and it is challenging to go against someone you trusted with your dreams. While planning your business, you made a partnership agreement which […]

Featured Image For Spikes in Drunk Driving Crashes Around Thanksgiving

Many people choose to celebrate major holidays with alcohol. They cross the line when they get behind the wheel after drinking. Thanksgiving is no exception, as the number of drunk driving accidents increases dramatically. You may be entitled to financial compensation if you have been injured by a drunk driver. You are at risk on […]