St. Augustine Adult Protective Services Attorneys

While the Florida Department of Children and Families is best known for its child protection efforts, the department also has a program committed to adult protective services. This program works to ensure that seniors, disabled individuals, and other vulnerable adults do not suffer neglect, exploitation, or abuse, and that such adults have comfortable accommodations in the community.

While adult protective services professionals aim to protect seniors and disabled adults, they can often overstep or otherwise take needless action that might violate the rights of Florida residents. If you have concerns, contact a St. Augustine adult protective services lawyer as soon as possible.

Vulnerable Adults in St. Augustine

Adults are considered to be vulnerable when they have an impaired ability to provide for their own protection and care, and they cannot perform usual daily activities. Impairments could be due to developmental, physical, sensory, emotional, or mental disabilities, as well as mental impairments from injuries, dementia, or other age-related conditions.

It is important to recognize that such vulnerable adults might not be able to care for themselves and make proper decisions, or they might be targets of physical, mental, or financial abuse. If you know someone who might need assistance, you should discuss the matter with an attorney who can advise you on the best course of action.

On the other hand, if adult protective services professionals are trying to interfere with a loved one’s ability to live independently, and you do not believe your loved one is impaired or vulnerable, you should also seek legal assistance.

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