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A lease agreement gives both landlords and tenants legal rights. The landlord is entitled to rent payments from the tenant and to have the occupant follow certain rules and restrictions for their use of the property. In turn, the tenant must receive a premises that is habitable that the landlord maintains in that condition, so they can “quietly and peacefully” enjoy it.

Disputes can arise between these parties if lease violations occur, and if this happens, you want the help of a landlord/tenant lawyer in St. Augustine right away.

When Landlords and Tenants May Take Legal Action

Problems arise when one of both parties who sign the lease fails to uphold their obligation. From the landlord’s standpoint, they may want to evict the tenant or sue for back rent. Eviction is not something that the landlord can do on their own. They must go through a court process that gives the tenant the right to respond. Then, the landlord must follow legal requirements to carry out the eviction.

For their part, tenants may sue landlords in the following circumstances:

  • Your housing unit is uninhabitable
  • The landlord has illegally evicted you
  • Premises liability cases when you were injured
  • The landlord has illegally kept your security deposit

For landlords, the costs of a failure to follow the lease or the law can be steep. For tenants, they may be fighting to get the benefit of the bargain for the lease that they sign. Both parties need their own legal representation in the event of a dispute. In some cases, the landlord and tenant can resolve the problem without needing to go to court. Hiring an attorney to advocate for you is the first step.

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