St. Johns, Flager, Clay, Putnam County Foreclosure Defense Attorney

Foreclosure is one of the worst nightmares that a homeowner can face. Even though the bank says that they are taking your home, they do not have the final word. By working with a foreclosure defense lawyer in St. Augustine, you can challenge the bank’s action.

The bank cannot simply decide that you have defaulted on your mortgage, and they want you out of your home. Instead, they are required to go through a legal process. The bank must follow an extensive body of law. If not, their foreclosure action is legally invalid.

Possible Challenges to Your Foreclosure Action

Here are some ways that you can challenge the foreclosure of your home:

  • The lender did not give you adequate notice of the foreclosure.
  • The foreclosure notice did not include the legally required information.
  • Your loan had illegal fees
  • The lender was not following state law
  • You qualify for some relief program.

When you have been served with a foreclosure notice, you do not have much time to respond. In Florida, you have only 20 days to file an answer. This is why it is crucial to contact a foreclosure defense attorney as the first phone call you make after receiving the notice.

We can review your case and figure out if there are any ways to contest the foreclosure action because the lender was breaking the law. At the very minimum, challenging the foreclosure can give you more time to get back on your feet. However, the foreclosure legal process is very quick, and you must act before the judgement is final.

Contact a St. Augustine Foreclosure Defense Attorney

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