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If you owe money, the law gives you some protections while still allowing debt collectors to do their job. While they can try to collect the debt that you owe, there are some restrictions on how they are allowed to deal with you.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act sets the rules for debt collectors. You have the ability to stand up for yourself when they call you. The things that you can do include the following. You can tell them not to call you at work or even to call you at all. Of course, this does not put a stop to their efforts to collect the debt, but it can keep them from harassing you.

If a creditor is violating your rights or taking legal action against you, you should not wait to seek help from collections lawyer in St. Augustine.

Your Legal Rights During Collections

Where a debt collections attorney becomes important is when the debt collector files a lawsuit against you or violates your rights. The consequence for the debt collector is that you may sue them civilly for financial compensation.

Here is what the law says:

  • You can sue the debt collector in federal or state court to recover monetary damages.
  • You can recover statutory damages under the FDCPA and for things such as emotional distress and other personal injury damages
  • The law gives you one year from the violation to file a lawsuit
  • Class action damages can reach the lesser of $500,000 or one percent of the net worth of the debtor.

Debt collectors cannot bother you indiscriminately, nor can they harass you or call you at all hours of the night. Working with an attorney, you can put a stop to these abusive practices.

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