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Sometimes, you or your loved ones need some extra help in handling certain matters. Whether it is medical care or financial issues, a power of attorney gives someone else the power to make decisions on behalf of another. This can help when there are complex decisions, and the person who needs to make them does not have the full capacity to deal with the issue.

A power of attorney can be as broad or narrow as you make it. You have some freedom to tailor the powers exactly as you want them. These powers of attorney can cover one area, or they can be a general power to make all legal decisions. One of the first decisions that you will make is what type of power of attorney you need. You want the guidance of a St. Augustine powers of attorney lawyer during this process.

Factors to Consider Regarding Power of Attorney

The key is to sit down with a lawyer to figure out the scope of the power of attorney and who would be the best fit for the job. Then, the lawyer would help you draft and execute the document. Here are some considerations for the power of attorney that make an attorney’s help necessary:

  • The document needs to be clear and unambiguous.
  • The power needs to be extensive enough, so you can act as necessary.
  • The agent should be carefully selected to ensure that someone who has the capacity and ability is making the decisions.

The power of attorney should ensure that decisions can be made quickly, and there is no dispute over the legal validity of those choices. This is why an “off-the-shelf” document may only complicate things.

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