St. Johns, Flager, Clay and Putnam County Business Startup Attorney

Working with an experienced lawyer is vital when starting a business. You want the assurance that everything is being done correctly when you are launching your venture. The success of your business is on the line with the decisions that you make.

From choosing the corporate form to drafting your bylaws, the early stage of your company is a crucial one. As a new business owner, you want to be free to spend as much time as possible focusing on your venture. You can leave the legal details to the team at Naples & Spence, Attorneys at Law, so you can concentrate on your success.

When You Need a Business Startup Attorney

The legal issues involved in a startup venture can be diverse. Your business startup attorney can help you anticipate and deal with these issues as they arise. Here are some situations that may require a business startup attorney:

  • Drafting corporate documents such as articles of incorporation and bylaws
  • Intellectual property issues such as trademarks
  • The legal issues surrounding raising money from investors
  • Other securities law issues
  • Reviewing contracts for your initial business agreements
  • Helping you negotiate leases for real estate space

Your business startup attorney is a valued counselor and source of knowledge and experience throughout the process. They could be involved in practically all aspects of your business as you seek to launch your venture the right way. We are familiar with the challenges that startups face and the legal environment and will advise you every step of the way.

Contact a St. Johns County Business Startup Attorney

To learn more about how a business startup attorney could help make your business startup process easier for you, contact us online or call us at 904.657.7117 to schedule your initial consultation. We are client-focused lawyers with the experience to be your trusted partner while you are launching your business and have the broad depth of knowledge to help your business as it grows.