St. Johns, Flager, Clay and Putnam County Partnership Disputes Attorney

Partnerships start off with the best hopes and intentions. Some arrangements work out well for the long term. However, other agreements may degenerate into tension and hostility between the partners. In a worst-case scenario, the dispute may end up litigation.

At Naples & Spence, we represent partners when their relationship with other partners sours. While litigation is the last resort, we will first try to work on your behalf to help resolve the dispute. Sometimes, negotiation and mediation can head off costly litigation and repair the business relationship between partners.

Why You Need a Partnership Disputes Attorney

Where the partnership relationship can be tricky is that you may end up legally responsible for the actions of another partner. This is why it is critical to address all partnership issues as soon as possible.

Here are some possible reasons for partnership disputes that would require an attorney:

  • One of the partners has acted illegally or improperly.
  • There has been a misuse of partnership assets.
  • A partner has been mismanaging the business.
  • The partners are dissolving the partnership.

Partnership agreements can be very useful in many circumstances, but there are also legal risks. You need an attorney to help you manage these risks. Partnerships can be salvaged through creative solutions, but litigation is sometimes necessary as the last resort. We will help you assess your legal options and work to protect you and your financial interests. Sometimes, you may have no choice but to sue another partner because you can be held legally responsible for their actions.

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