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Divorcing After the Holidays? Contact an Attorney Now

Your marriage is over, and the holidays are rapidly approaching. With a few weeks left in 2022, you wonder if you should announce your plans or keep them to yourself. While the choice is yours when you announce, you can begin the divorce process before the year’s end by speaking with a St. Augustine divorce attorney from Naples & Spence.

Reasons to Wait

As St. Augustine divorce lawyers, we have heard many reasons why people wait until after the holidays. The reasons that consistently come up include the following.


The holidays have many additional costs, from gifts to parties and more. The divorce process is also expensive, and you should consider if you can afford these costs now or if you want to wait to recover after the holidays. Taxes are also more manageable if you wait a few weeks to file for divorce.

Divorce Anniversary

You always remember your wedding anniversary, and many people remember their divorce anniversary too. Even if you forget the exact date, you will always remember the time of year, and a once joyous time becomes sad. If you have children, they will always remember December as the time mommy and daddy gave up and ruined everything. Let them enjoy this last year.

You Become The Focus

You will become the night’s focus when attending family gatherings instead of all the happy memories you create. Everyone will ambush you with questions. Divorcing in January gives your friends nearly a year to find out, and you won’t have a damper on your next holiday gathering.

Start Your Divorce Before The Holidays Are Over

If you decide to wait until after the holidays, you can start your divorce process now. Some couples cannot wait and must take immediate action. Speak with a St. Augustine divorce lawyer at Naples & Spence to determine the steps you can take.