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Common Injuries from Slip and Fall Accidents

Insurance companies treat slip and fall injuries as if they are common and minor accidents. They try to take advantage of this perception to cut the amount that they need to pay you. The reality is that you can suffer serious injuries in a fall.

Perhaps the most common slip and fall injuries are broken bones and fractures. When you fall and hit a hard surface, you may break something. A broken bone can be a serious injury that requires surgery and lengthy rehabilitation. Your fall could also cause a soft tissue injury, such as a torn ligament, that could be every bit as serious as a fracture.

You may also suffer a neck or back injury. Falling is an unnatural body motion, and it can cause a strain on your back. You could suffer a herniated disc or a strain or fracture. The most severe type of neck or back harm is a spinal cord injury that could take away some or all of your mobility and ability to use your limbs.

When you fall, you may hit your head. The fall could cause a concussion or another form of traumatic brain injury. If you suffer a TBI, you may permanently lose some of your cognitive functions and ability to live an independent life, as the brain controls practically every function in the body.

It is critical to be able to articulate and document your injuries from a slip and fall, so you can be fully paid for all the harm that you have suffered.

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