Featured Image For What is a Contested Divorce?

The hope is that two soon-to-be former spouses can agree on all terms of the divorce before it is final. Most divorcing spouses will sign a marital settlement agreement that decides both custody and property distribution matters.  Even though compromise is the best thing, it is not always possible. In some cases, one spouse may […]

Featured Image For Back to School Traffic Accidents

In the last part of the summer, St John’s County roadways may have sparse traffic as families go away on vacation. That all changes when families return for the children to start school. There are more cars on the road and more dangers facing drivers. Motorists must slow down because they are sharing the road […]

Featured Image For Choosing the Right Executor for Your Estate

Not everyone has the right skill set to be an executor of an estate. The executor is called upon to perform important functions in managing and selling estate property. First and foremost, the executor must be a responsible person. They should have a certain amount of financial savvy because they are handling money and property. […]

Featured Image For Distracted Driving Crashes

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car crash injuries. Every year, over 400,000 people are injured in these accidents, with over 3,000 fatalities. No matter what Florida does to crack down on distracted driving, people will still not focus on the road. Distracted driving has always been a problem for as long […]

Featured Image For Can You Trust a DIY Will?

If you have the urge to do something DIY, you should stick to a project around your home. If you try to do a will on your own using documents that you purchase on the internet, your family can end up in a difficult situation when they need legal help the most. There is a […]

Featured Image For What is Self-Help Eviction?

If a tenant has violated the terms of their lease, the landlord must go through the court process to evict the tenant. They are not allowed to take matters into their own hands, regardless of what the tenant has or has not done. If they do, the tenant may be able to successfully sue the […]

Featured Image For Head Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are far more likely to suffer severe injuries in a crash. While wearing a helmet reduces the risk of severe head injury, it certainly does not eliminate it. In almost all crashes, motorcyclists are thrown from their bikes, and their heads may hit the pavement. The contact can cause serious brain injury. According to […]

Featured Image For Can Another Party Get Out of Your Business Contract?

A contract is a document that protects you and provides you with legal rights. Once the contract is signed, it is binding on both parties, who must abide by its terms. There are very few ways that another party can get out of performing the agreement. One scenario is when the other party tries anticipatory […]

Featured Image For Common Issues in a Divorce Case

  Your best hope is that you and your spouse can reach an agreement on the terms of your divorce and avoid a costly and potentially bitter court case. The main issues in a divorce case usually revolve around custody and financial matters. In a custody case, you could disagree about the following: Which parent […]

Featured Image For Requirements for a Valid Last Will and Testament

The will is a critical legal document that dictates how your property is to be divided upon your death. In order for it to be valid, a will must strictly meet requirements. If not, the will can be declared invalid, and a court would get involved in distributing your property. Here are the requirements for […]

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