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Choosing the Right Executor for Your Estate

Not everyone has the right skill set to be an executor of an estate. The executor is called upon to perform important functions in managing and selling estate property. First and foremost, the executor must be a responsible person. They should have a certain amount of financial savvy because they are handling money and property.

In addition, your choice of executor should be aimed at minimizing drama among your family members. Probate is a time when families may disagree, and serious arguments can lead to lasting ruptures. You should try to choose somebody who is adept at communicating with family members and has the ability to get along with others.

Remember that a court must approve the executor of your estate. They may not approve everyone for the position. For example, if the executor has a criminal record, the court may not sign off on the appointment.

You should always have at least one backup option if the person who was named as executor cannot serve in that capacity. The chosen executor may become incapacitated or even die. Alternatively, they may change their mind and not want to serve as an executor. If you do not have a backup, the court may be forced to appoint an executor.

Finally, an executor must have the patience and grounding to serve in this important position. Dealing with the probate process and assets can be stressful. There can be frustrating paperwork and a tedious process. Your executor should be able to handle details.

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