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Back to School Traffic Accidents

In the last part of the summer, St John’s County roadways may have sparse traffic as families go away on vacation. That all changes when families return for the children to start school. There are more cars on the road and more dangers facing drivers.

Motorists must slow down because they are sharing the road with school buses and parents who are dropping their children off for the day. However, many are in a hurry, or they are just plain careless. Drivers are also legally prohibited from passing the school bus when it is stopped to pick up or drop off children.

Here are some common types of back-to-school traffic accidents:

  • A driver strikes a school bus
  • A motorist causes a school bus to lose control by cutting off the bus
  • A driver hits a child pedestrian who is trying to cross the street

The school bus driver may also be at fault for an accident. In that case, your family may be able to sue the school district for financial compensation. There are somewhat different rules that apply to a lawsuit against the government, and you may have to act quickly.

The most important thing is to contact an experienced attorney after the accident to investigate and learn the cause. Then, your lawyer will help you take legal action against the appropriate party in order to recover financial compensation for the injuries. In the meantime, you should take extra care when driving during the back-to-school period. Because you never know what other drivers on the road are capable of doing.

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