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Should You License Your Trademark?

Trademarks protect the different aspects of your brand, which is critical to prevent losses or consumer confusion due to misappropriation by other parties. However, there are times in which you might want to specifically allow another party to use your trademark. Once your trademark is properly registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), you might want to discuss whether licensing is a wise idea with a St. Augustine intellectual property attorney.

Possible Benefits

Allowing someone else to use your trademark can have several benefits, depending on your specific situation. Some include:

  • Having an established manufacturer produce your product
  • Gaining a wider market reach
  • Selling a wider variety of products without spreading your company too thin

In addition, licensing agreements can result in substantial royalties for companies, which can be more than the company would make from using the trademark on its own.

Licensing Agreements

Trademark licenses should be overseen by carefully drafted and negotiated licensing agreements. Agreements should address many different issues:

  • The scope of the permitted use
  • Royalties, profit sharing, or other forms of compensation
  • The length of time the licensing is allowed
  • Quality control rights of the trademark owner
  • How to resolve any legal disputes

If you do not have the proper terms in your licensing agreement, you can risk significant losses. It is imperative to have an experienced St. Augustine intellectual property attorney handling your agreement and overseeing your licensing arrangements.

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