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Should You Hire a Lawyer to Create Your Will?

Many people try the DIY approach to drafting a will. They may see off-the-rack documents on the internet or those that can be purchased for a low price. Our frank advice is that you get what you pay for when it comes to wills. When your estate goes to court, a judge will not go out of their way to help because the person drafting the will did it on their own. Instead, the court will strictly construe the terms on the paper in front of it.

Will Mistakes Can Be Costly

You never quite know when a mistaken comma or a loose word will completely change the meaning of the will. The reading could be something that you completely did not intend, but that is how it looks to a judge. Also, the laws of wills can be very arcane and complex. The average person has no way of knowing what they do not know.

Investing the money in hiring a lawyer may not pay you immediate dividends, but your family will be very appreciative that you spend the money when the time comes. The probate process could go much smoother because you got the right legal advice. The alternative is possible litigation because the drafting is imprecise or the will does not comply with the law. Having an attorney help now gives you peace of mind knowing that things are done right, and it removes the uncertainty of what could happen. You could rest assured knowing what is on paper is what you really want.

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