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Drunk Driving is Common Over Long Weekends

There are times when the risk of being in an accident with a drunk driver is elevated. There is little that you can do to control the poor decisions of other drivers. When they have extra time before they need to be at work, they may make even worse decisions.

This risk is the highest on weekends like Memorial and Labor Day. Since they represent the beginning and end of the summer, respectively, people may be in more of a “party mode.” This means that there is more alcohol around, and irresponsible drivers are partaking more. Not wanting to give up what they think is their freedom, they will get behind the wheel when they should not, failing to have a designated driver.

Drivers Take Chances with Extra Time

People may also take more liberties when they have an extra day to their weekend. They are more likely to let loose and go out since they do not need to be at work until Tuesday. In general, weekends are the most dangerous time for being in a drunk driving accident. The risk increases when the weekend is longer.

There is little that you can do to avoid a drunk driver. Even driving defensively can only keep you so safe. Of course, you should not just stay inside on long weekends out of fear. Nonetheless, you should exercise an extra degree of caution. Make sure to remain as alert as possible and do not take any needless chances.

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