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Are You Starting a New Online Business?

Many businesses struggled to survive in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and related financial crisis, and many owners had to close their doors. However, many people are also finding opportunities to start new ventures, especially online. The online market means you do not need employees or customers together in a physical environment, and it appeals to people who are trying to stay home or who are required to do so.

Starting an online business might seem as simple as throwing up a website, but there is much more to consider. Online companies are companies like any other, and they must meet all requirements under Florida law, as well as take steps to ensure compliance and avoid liability. Always consult with a business startup lawyer in St. Augustine if you are taking this path.

Legal Considerations

There are many legal considerations any time you start any type of business. Some of these include:

  • What type of entity will you form? For example, you might remain as a sole proprietor or form a limited liability company (LLC), and you should understand all implications of this decision.
  • What business name will you choose? Are you infringing on other business names? Is there a URL available for your business name?
  • Will you hire remote employees? If so, you still must comply with all federal and Florida employment laws.
  • Is your enterprise in compliance with all online privacy and security requirements?

This is only the beginning, but the right attorney can help you navigate the process so you can get started.

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