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Head Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are far more likely to suffer severe injuries in a crash. While wearing a helmet reduces the risk of severe head injury, it certainly does not eliminate it. In almost all crashes, motorcyclists are thrown from their bikes, and their heads may hit the pavement. The contact can cause serious brain injury.

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, 15% of helmeted motorcyclists who are hospitalized have suffered a traumatic brain injury. This compares to 21% of motorcyclists who have not worn a helmet. Hospital statistics tell only part of the story. The severity of the brain injury will be worse without the protection of a helmet.

Motorcycle accident head injuries can range from moderate to severe. Even if there is no TBI, the injured rider can suffer cuts and lacerations from the impact with the ground. TBIs can range from a moderate concussion to permanent brain damage that can cost the accident victim their ability to speak, process, or even function. Even a concussion can leave lasting damage as some patients will never fully recover.

TBIs are one of the main reasons why motorcycle accident settlements are higher than the average car accident. The victim often needs extensive and continuing medical care, and the costs add up quickly. Many people who suffer head injuries in a motorcycle crash are never the same again, including not being able to work at all. If someone else was to blame for the crash, they can be made to pay for all the damages that they have caused.

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