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Carefully Select the Executor of Your Will

The executor of your will is the individual who will be tasked with dividing your property and assets in line with your wishes. This individual will not only have control of your property, but they will also hold a high level of responsibility in terms of making sure that your wishes are honored.

Being an executor can also take a considerable amount of time, which is something that you should also take into account. Asking a very busy family member to try and fit in executing a will between their career and family obligations may be a recipe for inattentiveness. A St. Augustine estate planning attorney can help you with not only the drafting of your will, but the selection of a proper executor, whether a fitting member of your family or a professional executor.

The Executor of Your Will Can Be A Professional

Many people automatically select their spouse or oldest adult child to serve as an executor. However, this might not be the best choice. Weigh your options with your attorney to be sure that you understand the executor role and choose someone who is up to the tasks required. Perhaps your younger adult child is more responsible or has more availability. Maybe you even want a close friend to serve as your executor.

Relying upon family members to execute your will can represent a comfortable and cost-free choice, but the stress associated with losing a loved one, then having to execute their will during the grieving process is not always in the best interests of your loved ones. You can explore the option of hiring a professional to serve as your executor with your attorney.

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