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The Costs of a Catastrophic Injury

A catastrophic injury will stay with you for the rest of your life. While you may be facing an avalanche of costs in the short term, you should also focus on your long-term damages. Most of all, you should hire an attorney to fight for you to get top dollar for your injuries.

The most obvious and immediate costs of a catastrophic injury are the medical bills that you are facing. Even your share of these costs can be considerable. In the long run, catastrophic injuries will usually cost more than $1 million to treat.

In addition, many catastrophic injury victims are not able to return to the same level of work as they did before the injury. In fact, many of them can never work again. Medical bills are even more difficult to weather when you do not have an income.

Intangible Costs Are Damages Too

Not only are you dealing with economic costs, but you are also contending with the intangible costs of your injuries. Any serious injury is always accompanied by a difficult and unpleasant individual experience that includes physical pain and emotional effects. Pain and suffering and other psychological effects can be every bit as difficult as the economic difficulties of your injuries.

Losing out on the life that you had before the injury can also be measured as a cost. If you enjoyed hobbies and other pursuits that you can no longer do because of your physical injuries, they are something that you have lost and for which you should receive compensation.

The person responsible for your catastrophic injury must pay you in full for all your costs, whether they are economic or intangible.

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